It was in 2016 when I took a leap of faith 🙏🏼 and made a decision to give up a really great corporate career 👩🏻‍💻 to pursue my goal of becoming a Master Virtual Professional. I wasn’t exactly sure what field of expertise I will be pursuing, but made that first step of learning more about it and going for what I am most passionate ❤️about.

I remember feeling really nervous 😓 telling my boss about my plan to resign 6 months in advance! For sure, there was no turning back from that point… It was then that I worked and prayed 🙏🏼 really hard so that my goal will become a reality.

Fast forward to today — I am now a blossoming Digital Marketer and a Master Virtual Professional! Thanks to my really awesome team @kcexperts, to @vyralmarketing school, to Kerby & Cristina (@cristinamedelstein) for their all out support to my learning and growth, and of course, to @jomarhilario and the Virtual Careers Group that provided me with the inspiration and the correct mindset to keep moving forward!

It was that crucial (and risky!) first step that led me to where I am now. It was not easy and the journey doesn’t end here… I know I need to keep taking MY “little steps” everyday. Looking back, I have no regrets at all. And with God’s help and guidance, I will reach greater heights.

How about you? What will be your step 👣 for today and in the days to come? Just do it!😊👍🏻

Follow me (@kc_myvirtualpath) and My Virtual Path to personal success! I’ll start posting and sharing stories once again on Instagram and here on my blog!

God bless you on your journey!

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